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I'M NOT AN ECONOMIST, BUT... - Seanblog — LiveJournal

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August 26th, 2010

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02:01 pm - I'M NOT AN ECONOMIST, BUT...
I think that the quickest, easiest way to create jobs is for the federal government to begin some massive Public Works-style construction projects. I don't trust the private sector to create jobs. Why? Because every time a company announces employee layoffs its stock price goes up. Private companies don't care about creating jobs. In fact, they don't want to create jobs. If they could, every CEO in the country would replace his or her labor force with robots. If Obama and the Democrats really want to mitigate their losses in November, they'll go forward with jacking up the taxes on people who make over $250K a year (sorry if you can no longer afford that Saleen, rich person; maybe you could settle for a Bugatti instead?)  and use that revenue to start building a bunch of high-speed rail lines and fancy cultural centers.

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