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September 16th, 2010

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09:04 pm - FIRST WEEK DONE
My first official week of law school is done. It was only a couple of orientation seminars, but those seminars lasted all day and were both physically and intellectually draining.

The first day's highlight was the convocation, during which the dean said to all of us 1Ls, "A lot of people have said that there are too many lawyers. Well, say that to the woman in a third world country who isn't being paid a living wage. Say that to the mom who's unemployment won't cover the cost of her daughter's eyeglasses." And all I could think was, "Say that there are too many lawyers to the 3L who is about to graduate and has over $100,000 of debt." Many law students (especially up here in Seattle) want to do socially beneficial work -- but we also want need to be solvent.

On the second day we were separated into small groups to have lunch with a group of upperclassmen. We were asked to introduce ourselves and say one interesting thing about our lives. One student said that an interesting thing about himself was that just one week ago he saw somebody get run over by a car. All the 2Ls and 3Ls looked at him and, I swear to God, said in unison, "Due diligence."

"DId you call the cops?" one asked.

"Was he a friend of yours?"

After a few more moments of consultation amongst themselves, the upperclassmen agreed that the 1L wasn't liable for anything and asked the next person to introduce herself.

Current Mood: Excited (honestly)

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