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October 6th, 2010

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09:43 pm - THE FLAG FLIES
After my first week of law school I suspected that my professor in contorts (a class that integrates torts and contracts) was somewhat of a pop-culture geek. He would make comments that sounded to me like sly references to Doctor Who or Hammer horror films. Today he dropped any pretense and just let the geekery hang out there.

He was lecturing on the mathematics behind res ipsa loquitur and criminal cases (did I mention he was mathematician by trade before attending law school?) and mentioned that there is one strand of Bayesian probability that states that once a murder has occurred everybody in the world becomes a probable suspect.

"Once a human being has been murdered," he told us, "There is a one in seven billion chance that you are the murderer. Unless you are a Vulcan. Of course, Vulcan was destroyed. So if a Vulcan was murdered there's only a one in about six hundred chance that you're the killer. I think they saved about six hundred Vulcans. Of course it also depends on which timeline you're in."

I don't know if it's funnier that he actually went off on this digression or that the majority of the class was able to follow him.

Current Music: Mark Ronson featuring Q-Tip and MDNR - "Bang Bang Bang"

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